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Hello lovely blogreaders!
I know it hasn’t been a long time ago since my last ‘I love’ post but I came up with the idea to show you my Glamour magazine collection. I’m having a subscription for this great fashionable magazine since february 2010 and I love it! Every month I’m receiving a new one with lots of fashion, glamour, shopping tips and beauty. The thing that I like about Glamour is the fact that it’s a small magazine, but it has so much information, beautiful photoshoots, products and a gorgeous lay out!

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This is my GLAMOUR collection!

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My first Glamour is from April 2007 and since January 2008 I bought it almost every month.

2009, I’m missing the first one: January 2009

This is the year 2010, my subscription started in March 2010, so from that moment every first week of the month, the GLAMOUR is delivered at home.

Year 2011.

And ofcourse 2012.

All my GLAMOURS together.

The first page in my newest GLAMOUR from May 2012

Introduction by the chief editor.

Chelsey for L’Oreal Paris. She’s one of the finalists from The Face, a model programme on the Dutch television.

This is a part I really really like! This page always makes me smile, because of the silly or funny quotes.

Ofcourse the beauty shopping section. The first page of Fast Glamour always has some new perfumes on it.

Great tips to get a soft and smooth skin.
And the last page of the GLAMOUR, is always a list. This time it’s about the 14 most charming imperfections.

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