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22 december 2011 | Geplaatst in Uncategorized
Hello lovely blogreaders!
I know, I know, another beautyshoplog, but I went to Germany yesterday with my parents and we also visited a city with a DM-Drogerie, so I had to visit the drugstore to get some new Balea products. But before we went to the DM-Drogerie we went to the ‘Keramik Schune’ in Rees (Germany), it’s a big hall with decorations for your home and garden. After that we went to the Aldi to do some groceries shopping for dinner etc, got a delicious dessert, which you can see in the pictures below!  
Then we visited the City Kleve, that’s around 30 kilometers from where I live, it’s not a real big city but they got shops like H&M, Kaufhof (like V&D or Bijenkorf), Saturn and ofcourse the DM-Drogerie! My mum and I shopped for €18,- and got 16 products from Balea! She said that we could drive once in two months to Germany to do some beauty shopping, I love it! I also bought a little storage box for my necklaces, but that’s something I will show you later. Click on read more to see what I bought! I also made some pictures in Kleve! 

Two face masks from Balea: Milk & honey and a limited edition with raspberry and vanilla. (both €0,45)

Cleansing lotion for the dry and sensible skin, I used it this morning and it smells really nice and gives your skin a soft feeling. (0,85) Balea Young Soft & Care cream for a dry skin, you can use it for days and nights (€1,95)

Curl mousse from Balea Trend it up (€1,95) and a hair mask with cocos and milk (€1,25)

Pictures in made in Kleve (made with my Samsung Galaxy S2)

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15 reacties

  • Reageer Closet Fashionista 22 december 2011

    So much fun!! Those beauty products sound great 😀

  • Reageer Vintagirie 22 december 2011

    Dat eten ziet er heerlijk uit zeg!

  • Reageer Melu103 22 december 2011

    great products love!
    looks like they smell really frutty haha

    the cake and the pastry looks sooo good!

    Melina ♥

  • Reageer Laura 22 december 2011

    Ziet er leuk uit! Lekker eten, haha!

  • Reageer Jorien 22 december 2011

    Oeeh nice! Was je gister middag echt in kleve? Ik ook!! Hoe toevallig! Hoe laat was je dr? Heb je de bb cream gezien van balea? Ik niet namelijk.. jammer.. heb wel een andere getinte dagcreme maar die is best donker, dus die mix ik weer lekker met mn foundation!


  • Reageer Mitchin 22 december 2011

    Mmmmm… Schwarzwalder-cake 😉 En maskertjes =)))

  • Reageer Marloes 22 december 2011

    Lijken me fijne producten! x

  • Reageer Sam 23 december 2011

    What lovely photos, the teddy bears are so cute.
    The face masks look quite good, will you do a review on them?

  • Reageer xcharr 23 december 2011

    ziet er goed uit al die producten.
    hmmmm dat eten!

  • Reageer Janine 23 december 2011

    Ik heb ‘m nog niet gegeten, hij zit nu heel goed ingepakt en dan gaan we ‘m met kerst eten! ♥ xoxo

  • Reageer Chloë 23 december 2011

    leuke blog weer !! xxx

  • Reageer elinne 23 december 2011

    leuke foto’s 🙂

  • Reageer Sam 24 december 2011

    Hi sweety
    Just wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas!
    May it be a blessed one filled with peace & prosperity.

  • Reageer Becca. 24 december 2011

    fab post! and yes got to love some christmas leggings!

    thankyou for the comment on my blog!
    merry christmas 🙂

  • Reageer Amy 24 december 2011

    Lijken me fijne producten!

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