My birthday presents

12 november 2011 | Geplaatst in Uncategorized
Hello lovely blogreaders!
I promised you to make a larger post, well I will! First of all thanks to all the bloggers who have congratulated me with my birthday, that’s so lovely and it makes me feel so good! My birthday was amazing, I celebrated it at home with all my family and friends. I got so much presents, also because I graduated lately, which you could read in this post.  I would really like to buy an extra lens (55-250mm) for my Canon EOS 500 D so I got a lot of money and coupons of the Mediamarkt. But beside money and coupons of the Mediamarkt I also got a lot of other presents, which you can see below in the pictures.
  • Coupons of the H&M
  • Coupons of the ICI Paris XL
  • Coupons which I can spend in a lot of different shops
  • Coupons of the Etos
  • Candy
  • Dove deodorant and showergel
  • Kneipp giftset
  • 2 coffee cups, showergel, little plates where you can put your ‘tea bag’ on  from Babette
  • Testers of Nivea cream, Andrelon 1 minute mask and Aura by Swarovski perfume

Click on read more to see more pictures!

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  • Reageer Janine 12 november 2011


  • Reageer Fee♥ 12 november 2011

    Happy birthday! 😀

  • Reageer Bad Joan 12 november 2011

    wow that’s a lot of presents! happy bday!


  • Reageer Laura93 13 november 2011

    leuke dingen heb je gehad, en nog van harte gefeliciteerd he 😉

  • Reageer Laura 13 november 2011

    Wat een leuke dingen heb je gehad! 😀

  • Reageer Myrthe 13 november 2011

    Wat veel en leuke dingetjes heb je gekregen! Wauw, zo mooi allemaal.

  • Reageer naomi. 13 november 2011

    Wat een leuke dingen heb je gehad zeg! x

  • Reageer Melu103 14 november 2011

    congrats love!
    awesome gifts you got here!

    can i have some of the chocolate lol!

    sooooo 🙂 check out my blog
    you are featured today ..
    make sure to let your followers
    know you are featured @ Only A Flight Away
    so they can visit my blog and see your
    beautiful collage!



  • Reageer jessy 14 november 2011

    je hebt echt super veel leuke dingen gekregen zeg ;O

  • Reageer Professor Barbie 14 november 2011

    Hi Gorgeous! I only just stumbled across your blog, and I am so glad I did. You have a very unique, girly and entertaining read going on here. I woul love it if we followed one another, wouldn’t you? I’ll wait for your answer on my blog! Kisses, Professor B xxxx

  • Reageer Professor Barbie 14 november 2011

    Thank you princess! Check out your newest follower ————> xxxx

  • Reageer Gabriella 14 november 2011

    Leuke spulletjes heb je gekregen 🙂

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